Summer 2010 - The Crop Circles Makers are spinning their magic in the grain fields of the world. Next Monday I fly to England where I will lead a five day workshop entitled An Experience with the Crop Circles: CoCreating a New Reality. I will share this experience with seven hearty souls who also feel called to place their body in these mystical formations and find out personally and globally what may be awakened, shaken or stirred as a result.

My choice to visit the crop circles this summer is unexpected. I believe these times call for the ‘unexpected’.

Here are my thoughts pre-crop-circle trip. I have spent many hours watching videos, reading books and articles and staring at these mind-boggling sacred templates. So keep in mind this writing occurs before I have a direct experience.

First - It doesn’t concern me much who the crop circle makers are. What matters more to me is  the communication for me and us all at this time on planet earth. I have long ago embraced the concept and now live the experience that my soul chose this time to be here. I also fully participated in the current morphic field that I create my reality. What do I mean by that? Creating my own reality means that I invite my Divinity to be a partner in that creation and hold that intention - not only in my mind but in the embodiment of who I am.   From this place the reality I create is all FOR me.

Even what I deem unfair/cruel/wrong/or bad? Absolutely. If it appears in my reality (hard not to) then it’s an opportunity for me to clear the judgment/fear or limiting belief it brings up. When I do that I shift the experience from a contraction to an expansion. And when I expand my reference point  this space/time continuum shifts.

Since the crop circles are in my reality  I have an opportunity to cocreate a more expanded reference point than the current one I hold for myself and for the world.  What do I want those fresh reference points to be? I have a general intuition about them but the clarity  from my ‘direct experience’ with the crop circles will bring about what may be hidden at this time. One thing I am sure of - it will all be for my highest good and the highest good of all.

Second - I see the crop circles as heightened energetic encodings that I, as a spiritual being, can act as the ‘key’ to unlock the potential of the message for this time. Whatever force created them is also inside of me. And perhaps by opening to their particular vibrational message I will have more access to that universal life giving force. As we morph in consciousness - which is the 2012 time for me –  one of my wishes  is to fully evolve  my heart, mind and body into the my full spiritual potential.  My hunch is that these prophetic artistic picture stamps in the wheat and barley fields could turn out to flip the switch in my acceleration process.

And, according to those that have studied these formations for years, you don’t have to walk in them first hand to get the benefits. Simply looking at them can or will speak to that part of you that already lives that greater potential. Click here to see for yourself.

but I like an adventure. And this one portends to be great fun!

Next posting will be post-crop-circle trip.


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