What is completing in your life? Question # 1  of the workshop that I posed to the participants during the our recent crop circle trip. The daily revelations to that question were surprising and brought forward deep levels of surprise and soul revelation. Standing in the middle of a newly formed crop circle and gazing with jaw-dropping wonder the mind had to sit this one out. How do I make room inside for what I am seeing?  And when I make room what has to complete?

Along with wonder, completion can also bring forward fear, the unknown, and lots of uncomfortable sensations and thoughts. What will happen when…? What if I …. then what? I can’t let go of this. I don’t know anything else.  I’m afraid of what I don’t know.

No one likes the experience of something coming to an end that has shaped their world.  Job loss or change stimulates fear of security and feeling out of control. Relationships ending evoke deep unresolved emotional issues of separation, longing and perhaps abandonment. Moving, letting go of friendships, people, groups often stir that floaty feeling of not feeling safe, ungrounded or dis connected.

We are living through times of great change. Completion is everywhere. The outer world changes are dramatic, unsettling and sometimes scary. AND fear is rampant in the news, the marketplace and over the Internet.

How do we maneuver these times with more peace, balance, loving and expansion rather than contract in fear based protection and control?

First step - take in a nice deep breath and let it go. Relax. When fear is present focusing on the breath and relaxing is a directive to the Basic Self that you are present with yyourself and paying attention to what is going on. Comforting words are important to ‘back our self away from the cliff edge.’ In other words, assurance works better than disaster flashes.

Second step - Accepting the feeling that you are not in control. Big awareness and shift for the Basic Self. Letting go rather than holding on begins opening us up to new possibilities and new ideas that can not come through when we are uptight and ‘holding our breath.’

Third Step - What are you judging? Very important part of moving beyond fear, uncertainty, worry, etc is identifying and releasing judgments? Are you judging your feelings? Your thoughts? Your actions? The circumstances? Events? Others?Life? God?  Forgiving yourself for judging yourself releases energy, flow and re connects you to the part of you that is GREATER than the fear - your Divine Self. Also identifying and forgiving hard wired limiting beliefs  can free up space to light en up.

Fourth Step - What do you notice in your body and in the energy around you? Developing the ability to track shifts, release and clearings opens you to the multidimensionality of who you are beyond human nature fear and contraction.  The new vistas of what is emerging comes from beyond the personal conditioned space.

Continually asking yourself What is Completing? daily will allow the human nature to let go with more trust. There are realities that are emerging right in front of us that we must prepare our self to see. Clarity is the gift of openness, expansion and space - inside and out.

About Rebecca E Skeele

Rebecca Skeele, Wisdom Teacher and Heaven on Earth Mentor, teaches the inner tools to live a divinely guided and deeply fulfilling life. She has been working with individuals since 1990 and now teaches a Wisdom School and mentors spiritually focused business owners to live and work from their sacred callings. Find Rebecca's latest book: You Can Make It Heaven, and her Journal: Keys To Make My Life a Heaven on Amazon.
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