Love Songs to the Soul – Noetic Balancing

My interview with Robert Waterman this Tuesday was like riding a wild stallion ... When speaking about the noetic reality it comes forward - in a very felt sense way - so much so that staying centered and grounded is a challenge...and keeping mind/body/radio...

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Beyond Duality – Rumi's Field

“Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing, There is a field. I’ll meet you there.” I have always loved this poem by Rumi. Every time I hear it, or read it some inner part of me responds with a sigh. The ‘field’ that he describes in such a few words I have...

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What Shift would you like to cocreate in 2011?

I launched my radio show on the 7th Wave Network Dec. 28, 2010 with much love, light and support. As the opening announcement faded which was my cue to begin speaking I had this wave of emotion flood my being. My entire emotional body lit up with light and for a...

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