High Energy Money

Have you ever pulled money out of thin air? (my Father is turning over in his grave right now!!) THIN AIR? Well, Cynthia Sue Larsen, my guest this week on Mastering the Shift has and more. Her book, High Energy Money, offers stories, fun ideas and the quantum science...

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Compassion and the Practicality of Loving

 My radio show today, Compassion and the Practicality of Loving, was what I believe relevant, inspiring, informative and impactful  uplifting radio can be. I had three call-in guests that shared their wisdom and vulnerability with grace, the "Compassion Breaks"...

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Shifting in the Matrix

 Listening to Melissa Joy Jonsson explain the four levels of the Matrix Energetics Seminars on today's radio show brought home for me what an incredible body of conscious technology has been created for us during this time. I have taken all of the Matrix Trainings -...

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