Mastering the Shift for February

I'm interrupting this radio program flow in February to travel to the south of France. It's a personal spiritual pilgrimage for me to visit ancient cathar ruins and mary magdalene sacred sites. I will be traveling with friends who are French (woo hoo) and that know...

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Premonitions and Poetry

Talking with Dr. Larry Dossey is like listening to poetry for me. He is eloquent, articulate and relaxed dancing between the worlds of scientific prose and nonlocal mind  poetry. Or maybe it's just that I am at home with his Texas drawl.   As we talked about his book,...

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Mastering the Self

 My friend, Rick Haltermann, sent me this beautiful photo after he listened to this week's recording of the radio show - Mastering the Self - The Art of Self-Mastery. What a great illustration of the bridge which I used to present the concept of the Self Mastery Dance...

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