Do you want more NOW W.O.W. moments in your life?

Whack Of Wonder moments happen when you shift out of the mind, connect with your body and expand your heart. This very simple 3 step technique opens up your ability to receive the Divine Reality of who you are – always present, but not always perceived. The steps are...

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Bridging the Gap with Living Love

When I was getting my Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology 20 years ago I was in the middle of a very scary time. My marriage was dissolving, I was looking for work after being home and raising children for 8 years, my self-esteem had been rattled and nothing in my...

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Bridge To Your Big Life Audio Home Study Course

Connecting Your Human Nature to Living Love Home Study Audio Course: Six Self Mastery Lessons

bridgeWhat if you could build a bridge from that belief of:

Lack to abundance?

From not enoughness to fullness?

From separation to connection?

And embody and live in the unlimited possibility of YOU?

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I have received two blogs recently about dying. Yes, not sugar coating it - dying. So I'm paying attention. I just turned 60 - woohoo! - my first born daughter got married last weekend - woohoo!! - I am launching a brand new online presence with all the high energy...

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