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Video #3 –Radical loving requires that we keep our heart open

When we are coming from radical loving we are all in – doing what we can with what we have. Even if there is outrage; even if we feel helpless and hopeless; even in the face of a world view that would diminish us. Not allowing the despair or social outrage to take us into a place of helplessness or hopelessness is radical. [/su_column]

To express from this place of radical loving – far reaching, impactful and on purpose – in the world is a blessing that shines light into the darkness of ignorance and deceit. Radical loving empowers each of us to take steps – small or large – toward what we want – not always strike out at what we don’t want.

I will culminate this month of videos in A Day of Radical Loving, February 18th, in Albuquerque NM.  If you would like to learn more here is a link to read about what we will be doing in community… together as we write the new story for our lives and for these times of great challenge.

Learn More Here: rebeccaeskeele.com/a-day-of-radical-loving

Video Series: www.youtube.com/rebeccaskeele

A Day of Radical Loving with Rebecca E Skeele